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Matroids in SageMath

An ever more important tool in matroid theory research is experimentation: use the computer to find counterexamples, or to help make educated guesses about the structure of a class of matroids. In addition, computers can take on some of the burden of case checking, thus leaving both authors and readers more time to focus on the important parts of a proof.

For these reasons, I took part in the development of the matroids package within SageMath. This package has been part of Sage since version 5.12. Some links:

Google Summer of Code

I was involved as mentor for SageMath in the Google Summer of Code program from 2014 to 2017. Google pays students during the summer to contribute to open-source projects. The mentor guides them throughout the process.

Phylanx: A Distributed Array Computing Toolkit

I was involved in this multi-institute, multidisciplinary NSF-funded project to build software that helps run computations on massive multidimensional arrays more efficiently. In particular, I studied ways to decide how to slice up these arrays to distribute them over the memory banks of the various processor cores. See the Phylanx Project Website for more information. Or go directly to the git repository or the mailing list archive.